Dear Reader: Why Start a Design Blog?

YiFan Dai
2 min readJun 12, 2022

I’ll start when I’ve “made it?”

I had long believed writing and mentoring about design required me to be “the expert.” I had to know all the right answers and magic formulas to score coveted positions within the industry. How will people believe me if I didn’t have impressive-sounding titles such as “Product Design God of SuperCoolCompany?”

Unfortunately, as my 1-year anniversary as a design intern is approaching the horizon, my memories of the beginnings of my career are slipping out of touch. I can no longer perfectly recall the feeling of receiving that first rejection email or the uncertainty of applying to jobs with no work experience on my resume.

I don’t mean to generate nostalgia but I am in a pickle as to how to best empathize with other beginners who are trying to seek out advice on how I made it past the first stage of a design career. Thus, this blog was born. I want to create documentation about my experience in entering the field of design and navigating through the next chapter of my life. It’s an exciting time and I’m happy to share my experiences aloud.

I hope to provide genuine (& sometimes funny) reflections that are truthfully told from my lived experiences. Most of my writing is only from the lens of one person and in no way represents the full spectrum of possibilities, but nevertheless, I hope this gives you a boost in the right direction.

As with every other industry, the world of design has a long way to go in terms of diversity and inclusion. I owe much of my success in entering design to the help of mentors, peers, and the various resources available to me. It’s time to return the favour by holding the door open for those that may need it.

If you have more questions or just looking to chat, feel free to say hi on Linkedin or Twitter👋.



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